A Self Portrait for the New Year

Why wish my readers Happy New Year with a scowling picture of your humble blogger? This portrait was my good start to the year just ending. Randall Harris of Figureworks Gallery had invited me to submit a work for an exhibition of self portraits, the gallery's first show of 2013. It was an … Continue reading

In the Presence of the Watcher

The Watcher is a life-size figurative sculpture that overlooks a quiet path in the woods at the Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, New York. It's been there for six or seven years, but coming upon it, you'd think it had been there for centuries. It seems to grow out of the land, manifesting … Continue reading

The Penetrating Glance

Artists who work from direct observation have a special way of looking at their subjects, a darting glance that picks up impressions the way a janitor's litter spike snags trash. Nearly every action that builds up the drawing or painting follows from one of those quick looks. You look and make … Continue reading

Portraits of La MaMa

La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, one of the world's great laboratories for cultivating new talent and exploring new directions in the performing arts, celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2011. ¬†Eric Marciano, an independent filmmaker for whom I have often worked as a videographer, … Continue reading