A new way of living
and dealing with the world,
with nature,
with people,
with institutions –
We work on that now.

If we build the new ways now,
we are in a strong position
as crisis breaks the world.
Storms whelm!

In a world
drowned and droughted by Hothouse Gas,
or all value destroyed by Industry, War, and Vice,
shattered, polluted, sick –
That will be a tough place to build new ways of living.
We need build our New World
before the old one is nuthin but shit.

We will be ready in the ruins,
to live as Earthlings on the breast of Earth,
protecting and learning from Her.

Else the way of the Slaver and the Financier
will turn every grove into a slag heap,
will fuck away all we have worked so hard to gain.
The War Way must die.
Do it for the children!

We shant flail and bemoan,
rending our garments midst the broken bones of the Industrial Dream.
We will know, already, a better way.
We are eager to engage the world this way!

Let Us Together
get working
on new ways.
Start talking,
start building,

We are all in it together.