is hidden in a deep thicket
on the dark side of a mountain.
On a moonless night you may find her
wreathed in a faint truffle aroma.

is a magical gem,
a juicy fruit of life,
a cavern of trance forms,
kiln of the spirit.

Far in the wood,
you see a ghostly figure
all wrapt in a cloak,
dark, forbidding, austere.

The cloak stirs,
opens arms to you,
and the Ma of All
lifts the veil
and shows you her face,
and you are blest.

Here we let go,
fall backward into another world
(scuba divers off a boat),
turn gravity sidewise
(rappelling down a rock face).
Here we let go
and trust our lines,
our training,
and our intuition.

works in all sensory dimensions
from stank to stars
and from stars to stank
in a great  vibratic  spasm.

opens paths of possibles,
makes gape the jaws of time,
bursts forth
and springs up

faint truffle aroma