Antimony: Sb, Element 51
The focus of Newton’s alchemy
Antipathy :: Harmony
Anti Money
Anti-Monos: Not Alone

I see a world in a state of total change.
The collective mind feels stuck.

Here is the monolog
of a changing mind in a changing time.
I let the mind wander in the flow
and try to pick up an echo or two on the page.

These are sayings of Azabov Sobelo, a sage,
as remembered by Ifbut Andor, an aspirant.

? I have questions !
Can we imagine?
Can we stop waiting for change to come from the top down?
Can we come together?
Can we regrow from roots of grass?
Can free play find new ways for the now?
Can we get along and work together?
Can we finally allow Earth to thrive?
Can we end war,

These thoughts are always with me.