Different Peoples have different ways.
Let all peoples have their ways.

In Urb or in Rurl
there are common threads:
knowing what you need to do to get along,
the Minimum Basic Rules.

Some are local culture,
(loud or quiet, terse or florid, script or improv)
Others are universal
(guarded respect, protect generations)

Let People of a given Culture
cultivate it.
Art is just making your own culture, for yourself.
(and to share, of course)

Learn to live in your Own way
and also in the way of All,
and have a little peace.

Cultures fighting cultures
destroy their own Souls,
poisoned by vengeance.

Divided cultures
fight each other
and fail to fight abusive power.

A culture grows on the agar you give it.
Garden it to Flourish!

People are angry
because they are sad and afraid.
How can we help people feel better?

The Culture War
is the first war to end
on the way to ending war.
It is up to us.