I am a Big Deal Maker.
I buy and sell fatted consumers.

I get into their brain.
I pull the strings of their fears and urges.
No malice.
Strictly Profit Motivated.

Consumers are Live Stock.
I stuff them with goods,
generating trade.
Thus, Nature and Humans
are industrially converted into Profit.

Nature is damaged, alas,
but returns are in hard Money,
the currency of Worldly Power.

Eventually we will destroy It All,
but we arent there yet,
so for now the Profit War goes on –
and we are romping!

Like cattle or chickens,
the people are just Live Stock.
They will live in wire cages, drugged and stressed,
if that will increase our Profit.
We hold All The Power.


Money is not real!
Fear Not a weapon

made of numbers
in a magic book.

– azabov sobelo