Trying to force change
by pushing and fighting
provokes opposite reaction.
Oft, the backsplash swamps the gain.

Change comes
when Time is Ripe.
The way of change
is the ripening of time.

Change is always happening
(for change is the essence of time)
yet most amounts to lil or nil.
When Time is Ripe, tho,
little change goes big.

Imagination projects possibilities.
Decisions forge a path.
There is no destination,
but always a chosen direction,
a Vector of Value.

How do you ripen a fruit?
You feed the tree that bears it.
Sun, water, air and earth,
caring and trusting,
are all it takes.
One day that sweet juice
runs down your face!

Forced change may appear to work,
only to blow up later on.
Nurtured change may appear weak,
until it comes into its fullness.

The public show is a fake fight,
puppets puffing and posturing,
pulled punches with foleyed oofs!

The realer action is under ground,
unseen and unsung,
The weeds will shatter the streets!
Wait and see.