The Global Mind

has lost touch
with the Holy.

Holiness is in the holes:
Holes where light and air get in.
Holes to hold things.
The spacetime things move in
is a hole too.
Gaps Enable Being.

Negative Space.
God of Gaps.
Void that Grows.

Holiness is also the Whole:
The whole darn thing,
All of It,
the Shit and the Shine,
the Universe.

To live and work Holily,
:Ora et Labora:
Deal with here and now on the ground,
and seek always a Higher Mind,
a principle of Growth.

The Holy is a Current you can ride,
like schussing a groove,
or surfing a tube,
On the One.

Riding the Holy
you meet something alive,
that contains your self
and is your self
and is more, much more than yourself.

Trust the current:
Tis a smooth ride,
a living tide.

It is a fertile furrow to work.