If youre Old you remember
that futuristic moment
of a fuzzy, faded past,
the Landing on the Moon!

Now we are as far from the Space Age
as the Space Age was from the Jazz Age,
as the Jazz Age was from the Civil War.

Once, children, We went to the Moon!
But in the end
the Others won the Space Race
like a Tortoise beats a Hare.

Now we just fill our near orbit
with hi tech jetsam,
and Sci Fi is back to being Fantasy
(besides the Dystopian kind:
thats all coming true.)

Now we look to Mars.
We shall wreck the Earth and decamp to Mars!
What will you choose, Earthling,
a hard cold dry life on Mars,
or a hot bloody mess down here?

Oh No,
No God No!
Our timing was off!
We screwed the Golden Goose
faster than we grew a Sane Society.
Our Rude Awakening
Shit Gunna Git Reel.

Venus, the shiny planet
we already long ago ruined,
its once grand cities
vaporized in cleansing fire!
And then we landed here,
at Earths Breast.

How Will We Wend
the Fire This Time?