Solving a Puzzle,
when it gets hard,
needs a subconscious Mind.

So you occupy the Conscious Mind
with focused buzzy work,
and let the Deep Mind work under ground.

Study, study,
study your Puzzle,
then just do your Gardening.
The New Idea will come
like a sprout in the spring.

When you study the Puzzle,
ask questions, assume nothing,
wait patiently for the answer to come.

*Ask the Forces of Nature*
*Ask the Real World*
(this is Experiment)
*Ask your Higher Self
and your Common Good*
(this is Aspiring)

No text can hold all answers,
no dogma can fix all problems.
Be open to what comes,
be ready for near anything.

Whatever you commit to,
put it to the test.
If anything doesnt work well,
let it go.
Let it go.

Now get to Work.
Go at it with pleasure,
for it is Your Work
and it is Worthy Work!