Because I have seen movies
of more than a century,
I have lived in times before my birth.

I have seen the characters
and heard the voices
of generations
of modern earthlings.
I have seen them change,
and fail to change.

We humans are all baptized
in the fount of Media.
Older media baptizes by immersion,
and newer media by pouring –
by now it almost drowns us!

Media does not replace unmediated experience
but it displaces it
thru loudness and ubiquity.
It demands attention
and gives addictive,

Media makes the world distressing.
So many dire crises
beyond our help!
They churn in the mind.

You could be dense and survive
back when conners and robbers were rare.
Now, Alas!
Media has made a weapon of terror
out of dupes and rubes!

Media is a hard drug:
useful, beautiful,
and a vampire
that sucks the soul…