Our Generation,
raised in safety,
focused on the inner being,
nurturing the Self.

Now, the World demands a turn outward:
to save us all from angry fear,
to build new relations
for a new time.

Our Generation tho:
We trust Society to self correct,
and we withdraw ever more,
while outside, the world gets worse.

It gets worse.


Society is just a bigger Self,
so the work we have done on our own Self
informs our mutual work realizing
a New Agreement of the People,
a Society of Common Good.

We individual people, we link one to one,
we negotiate our needs and wants,
and thus begin to weave a web.

The web begins to grow
Under Ground.
Connections are made and ripple outward.

On the Surface,
in the Now,
tendrils, nodes, and meshes emerge.

From the Ground
grows the New Agreement.