Flower of the Grassy Mound,
emit your aroma.
Call the Bumble Bee
and the Stallion of the Fields.

River of the Chasm,
pour your power.
Fill the reservoir
and irrigate the Fields.

Charged electric Clouds,
strike ground!

Sky Breath, blow,

Frogs of the marsh,
join the summer chorus.
People, listen!
Mother Nature Speaks.

Our Oceans a lab of beings,
of various forms and ways.
Life gives rise to Being.
Within Being are billions of Lives.

Being becomes, bit by bit.
Each piece is temporary:
a brief flame that flares and fades,
and sometimes leaves a skeleton,
and sometimes leaves a ghost.

In your own Earthling Life,
what you build that outlasts you
is your skeleton.
What you inspire that outlasts you
is your ghost.

Either may long survive your Body and Person.
Construct a sturdy skeleton!
Exhale a potent ghost!