In youth We were collectors,
always an eagle eye out for rare and special things:
books and records, art and artifacts,
expressions of holy nature.
Art was our Ore,
to refine with our lives.

we are washed in a river,
a cataract of art and media,
anything you can name available at a click.
What is rare now?
(besides quiet)

This digital river is ephemeral, insubstantial.
It is built on the web of the day.
One day that web may be a cobweb,
ones and zeroes as good as zeroes.

The likelihood of a crisis
big enough to knock down industrys tower
is high! Admit it.

What is rare and fragile and wonderful
is worth saving, and savoring
with tongues of different times and other climes.

What will you leave your successors
after the computers are gone?
What will survive?
What will still serve in an altered world?

Make Real Things.

Make Things Real.