There is a Solid Ground,
which is the past:
Everything that has happened
has laid the Ground
for the Now.

There is an Ocean of Potential,
which is the future:
what we do in the Now transforms
an Ocean of Potential
into a new Solid Ground.

The Now is a membrane
twixt Ground and Ocean,
where Mind can live,
where Will can choose.

Urge drives us on:
Hunger, Thirst, Wonder, Yearning.
Good Feelings and Bad
together weave lives.

Self deals with the details:
The joys and sufferings
of a Person
in a Time
and a Place.

Death drives Urgency
and in the end it recycles,
remixes and rebirths Life
in a widening spiral of Being,
for Death is the inseparable flipside of Life.

This cycle brings freshness,
allows growth and change,
and keeps the Spark ablaze.

Urge drives us on,
in a widening spiral of Being.