Looking for Food,
for Love,
for Art,
you go by feel:
How does it smell?

A Good Smell is the odor of hardy life,
sign of a healthy
One of its kind.

Odorous Harmony is a resonance
of unalike as one,
two Smells that smell good together,
that tranceform each other.

In the working of Odorous Harmony
One ever seeks Wonder.
When any wonder is found
tis nurtured.

Partake of our Repast,
ye Earthlings.
Glory to the Wonder!

Distant signs,
surface contact,
deep vibration,
Breast to Breast.

What grumbles like faraway thunder
may strike with fire.
What grows like weeds
may shatter the streets.

Stealthy Sidle,
eyes open to all sides,
in careful steps.

There is a Harmony of All:
all the Smells at once.
Smell that: You are power!

Most of us are down on the ground,
smelling this and that,
trying to find a good chemy.

A person’s life is a tree,
rooted in dirt,
opening to
rooted in dirt.