A vital practice or culture
is one that grows by nature.
Keep it simple, simple.

Minimal rules
allow wide variation of the form
while maintaining a clear frame
and a steady ground.

The key element
in all human work of value
shall be Trust.
Fair and firm rules.

Reward carers and sharers,
those who say their truth,
those who do good
for the people and the commons –
protect and honor them.

No reward for stealers and ruiners.
Unjust rewards shall evaporate.
Trust betrayed doesnt count as a win!

In the time from where I speak,
rules grow like cancer.
Every evil lopped off regrows double!
And where is trust?
The powerful need not earn it!
Trust is for losers!

Hypnotized by a flashing game,
human livestock are pitted against each other,
gladiators for the gambling and amusement
of the High and the Mighty.

When will the people say?:
Games Over!
No One Won.
Go Home Folks.