Hail to the Founders who said All are Created Equal
and deserve Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Their Ideal is still an aim for Us,
however short of their own Ideal they fell.

An Ideal is a reach beyond our grasp,
an aim, not a goal.
It recedes as we proceed,
ever a vanishing point
at the end of our range.

No One is a Hero
because every One has failed –
The Greatest are often the Worst!
Yet any One can be a Divine Tool –
Any One At All.

How to end slavery –
not just to ban it,
but to make a world
where slavery makes no sense
and pays no reward.

Far away still,
but such a world
we work to find.
Work goes on,
and a little bit gets a wee bit better,
here and now.
Hear it now!
Thus is built the Divine Realm.