Some art freezes time,
fixing a moment in silver or silicon,
preserving a body in amber or peat.

Some art sails upon time,
flexible, contextual,
understood and seen anew thru generations,
ever living and present.

Some art tranceforms matter,
makes veins pulse in stone,
crystalizes impulse in ink,
alters space and light.

Some art tranceforms feeling,
gets you moving in beat or flow,
finds joy in black bile
or great power in kindness.

Some art distills essence,
reeks of its subjects musk,
reveals deep strangeness,
is Phenomenon.

Art begins in focused practice and free play.
Tended and fed by devotion,
it grows into a living being:
deep and complicated.

Art is conscious indulgence,

O R A   E T   L A B O R A