Online is a mess!
Yet there are things to learn

and fun to have
in unexplored places
Off Line.

In those places,
hidden in the corners of everywhere:
No price on anything!
All is Alive!
and Each is our Equal.

We are ready for the fall of empire
if and as it comes.
We are ready to find a new way.
We are already on it.

Our God, our Way, our Ideal
has no weapons,
has no dollars at all,
speaks thru Nature,
rules by Natures Force,
and will have the final say
as to our fate.

Listen when Earth hums,
and listen when She roars.
Listen to the animals and people
trying to stay alive.
Listen to the mighty trees
and the tiny weeds,
the viruses, bacteria, fungi.
Listen to the sky, the ocean, the land.
Listen to the voice of Being,
the music of the Cosmos.


Nature is how the exalted spirits of Earth and Heaven
deliver their messages,
and answer our prayers.
Nature is the power of the world and the universe.
Nature made us and will outlive us –
We are flowers of a season.