Militants keep making the same mistake:
Thinking change can come from the top.
Oust the Tyrant. Tear down the Statues.
Wait for peace and progress to blossom!

But when you parade the Tyrants head on a pike
the great Body of society lurches headless
lashing its still lethal limbs
on any and all! –
until comes a Savior:
A Tyrant worse than the last!

Cautious trustees make a similar mistake
when they throw millions at execs
and keep power away
from the hands on the ground.

Assign another manager!
Change the Law!
Tweak the Algorithm!
Topdown! topdown! topdown!

The problem is thinking you can change the bottom
by changing the top.
Moving the tip top of a mountain
barely changes the mountain at all!
The top of a pyramid
is simply the peak of how the base is stacked.

No politician, no business leader, no celebrity
can change the system that gives them their power.
Only we powerless can do it,
starting on the ground.

The root of the word Radical is Radix, meaning Root.
Work at the root of things.
Our work will grow
to fill every level,
sharp as a radish,
sweet as a beet.