Screens pull us out of our selves
front forward and down.
Our bodies live in one world
and our minds in a different one –
a made-up world.

We live in a simulation of our own making,
a rigged rules game called Media.
It isnt real but its where we roll
our Wheel of Fortune.

Meanwhile the Real World
is all around us
as powerful as ever,
and we pretend it doesnt exist.

I tell you the Real World is a better one for us.
It is a jungle,
a desert,
a city,
an ocean
teeming with life.

Dont be a toy
for the gods Pluto and Pop.
They will milk you like a cow,
sell your butter and chop your meat,
O gentle beast brutally used!
Under Winner Take All Rules,
Near everyones a loser.

Shake yourself free from the front forward downcast daze.
Escape the Game of Wealth and Fame.
Listen to sound around, and find your place in space.
Feel the flows from up and from down.
Feel behind and around you
with your back,
your feet,
your gut,