Prius Steve and Peterbilt Paula
have more interests in common
than either does with Pluto,
yet they fear and despise each other
over differences of culture and belief.

Pluto fears only the multitude.
As long as the crowd divides against itself,
Pluto pulls all the strings
and Pluto writes the rules.

So some root for Judy
and some pull for Punch,
all engrossed in the show
as Pluto eats their lunch.

As long as Pluto rules,
a few have immense power,
while most are stuck playing a losers game
with cheap tacky prizes
and cruel punishments,
even for simple bad luck.
A Good World for a person
is one in which one can be ones True Self.
A Good World for all
is one in which all beings can fully Be,
the Creatures and Spirits as well as the People!
This is sadly not the world our god Pluto provides.

The Majesty of Heaven
is built by us, with feet and hands on the Ground.
We shall find a new way to live,
and leave behind the Myth of Almighty Pluto,
for all its power rests only on collective belief,
and we can stop believing.

The building begins
with open talking
from experience not ideology
between people
across cultural gulfs.

In my part of the world
as I write
the Factions of Culture Panic
do constant battle.
This is the first War we end.

End War
Start Now