The Ghost is Spirit,
Flow of Being.
Breathe and feel it moving in you.

The Ghost gives gifts
to its faithful servant.
Not worldly gifts,
odd gifts.

Fixating on forms and differences in kind
makes you drop the hand of the Ghost,
lost in a crazy world,
battered by rude chance.
Let breath find the groove –
Smoothly you move!

Gifts of the Ghost
follow no fixed form.
Movement of the Ghost
is constant Change
filled with echoes.

You move along the road of Change
moment by moment
hour by hour
day by day
and so on in concentric circles of expanding units,
to decades, centuries, aeons, and beyond.

Theres a lot of routine,
and suddenly now and then a crisis,
and gradually a whole different situation.
The only unchanging rule of the game:
Adapt or Die.

Live as though tomorrow will be different than today,
for indeed it will.