We already sacked the World.
The coming people will have to live with it.
Teach doing, not dogma,
cause dogma dont adapt.

We the bad people of history:
Took a bounty and squandered it.
Abused Mother Earth like a despised underling.
Wastrels at West Worlds breakup.

To our heirs I say:

Adapt or die,
and dogma dont adapt.
It is dead weight we drag
up a steep mountain pass,
and it is killing us.

Adapt or die,
and dollars dont adapt.
What we dont need pays
and what we need dont pay.
It is a pyramid of lies.

On the pioneer trail
we carry what serves us,
we eat what sustains us,
and that is all.

On the pioneer trail
to help another helps us all.
The world is a sacred commons
Every One Must Respect.

On the pioneer trail
we sing to stay together
and foray to find a way.

On the pioneer trail
One may die any time.
One may see
what never before was known.