T7V: A Temple of Seven Veils, #7: Sky, Foliage, Light

At the roots, we connect to Earth; at the crown, to Sky. Reaching both down and up, we take energies or spirits from Earth and Sky and combine them to forge a sturdy trunk.

The branches of a tree weave a space of air to make a catching web for spirits, and the leaves become a veil that protects the body.

Green leaves absorb blue light and turn it into sugars. Electromagnetic energy transmutes to chemical energy, and the life-force therein is preserved and unleashed in the body.

The branches reach out, and the leaves turn themselves to the sun, the rain, the wind, the moon and the stars. The branches’ fingertips brush the spinning universe, the outer world.

These are the branches of the Life Tree, and its burgeoning crown. Incandescent photon showers bathe and charge the leaves.

In the upper branches of a tree, birds perch. In the lower branches, fruit droops. You reach out your branches as far as you can, leaving a respectful gap for your neighbors.

In our outer branches Nature’s various cycles play out their round, and we go through an annual death and rebirth all our lives long.

Yogis speak of a thousand petaled lotus in myriad hues that blooms at the top of your head. This flower crowns a serpentine force that arises from the root and climbs up. Thus Earth is cabled to Sky and lightning is grounded.