T7V: A Temple of Seven Veils, #6: Eyes, Ears


Seeing and hearing reach through space, revealing things both near and at a distance. Seeing and Hearing place us in an ever changing three dimensional world. Navigating the spatial world as a person does gives rise to a certain kind of mind. It is not only world-aware, it is self-conscious.

In a human, these senses are housed in an upper room atop the tall frame, a turret or cupola with windows and windharps. On a clear day, you can see forever. A privileged person can spend most of their day in this tower, just watching and listening.

The eyes are gelatinous orbs. They act as lenses to focus light. The back of your brain takes in these luminous impulses and paints a moving picture. The parallax of two eyes makes the picture 3D.

The ears are cartilaginous shells. Ears have parallax too, stereophonic sound. The labyrinth of ear folds, with its mazy way for wavelengths, helps pinpoint the location of sounds ever more precisely. In a quiet wood, a twig snap maps to a certain point in space. In a noisy jungle, the great mass of animal sounds builds an edifice of a thousand vaulted arches.

The brain takes in all the sensory information the body can deliver. Seeing and Hearing combine with Smell/Taste and Touch to generate Kinesthetics, Proprioception, and Intuition.

Our sense of self sits in this heady control bridge of the upper room. At times we think the operator who carries out the missions, who sees the situation and makes choices, is our whole self, but it’s always more complicated than that.

There’s a voice in this upper room too, or many voices, narrating the day or coming up with the most random stuff. A patter, a hubbub of thoughts, an inner chatter. And dreams and reason, light and shadows, maps and routines.

Some say there is a third eye, a flame of awakened mind that glows on the brow of an ecstatic or a serene person. The third eye sees a deeper reality, one in which everything is one thing.