Ideologs of the modern sort

think the way to deal with a spectrum
(of culture, or anything really)
is to make one end of it Required
and the other end Taboo

based on the tenets
of a theory, law, system, religion,
which is supposed to be an eternal and unchanging standard.

In practice:
Anything Living is temporary and changeable.
Binary distinctions are always dynamic.
Everything that exists on a range or a scale
moves in the space between extremes,
drawn by both.
Between the poles is the current
of growth and of decay,
of waxing and waning.

Every tendency that manifests its extreme
begins to grow its opposite:
Reaction, Backlash, Turning Tide.
The balance is always dynamic.
Change is a given.

The most stable things in the Cosmos
are not inert
but rather cycling.
Cycles absorb change
and generate adaptation.
The cycling change births time,
and time births living and sensing.

If we say Life is Good and Death Bad,
or choose only one pole of any polarity,
we are trying to separate what is one indivisible.
There is no Life or Death separate from the other.
Past and Future are two sides of a single membrane.
Mind and Matter are one inseparable reality.
Opposites are each other.