The Tragedy of the Commons
Why doesnot LAW protect Commons?

Despoilers become billionaires,
and just overrule allyall,
on every last thing.

LAW supports that outcome.

Because Law made Money the Lord High Judge,
and Money is crooked to the core.

Since ancient days,
Laws job was not to get rid of the Warlords,
but only to tame them;
not to share wealth fairly,
but only to make it show reasons.
Even these humble aims
it has abandoned!

Herenow Money rules and Law letsem.
Warlords endanger the Earth,
and We the People are Livestock
in a brute Factory Farm.

O People,
throw off the yoke.
Work together for a
healthy Commons.

Say We:
Who took the riches
will fill the ditches.
You break it you bought it
and you fix what you fuct.

If your money wont doit,
a newmony will.