A new impulse arises
in the people.

Hard to see yet,
while all the old ways of the powerful
fail and fail again,
crazy getting crazier,
wreckage upon wreckage.

A wave comes up in the people.
It is rooted in the people.
Not directed from the eye of the pyramid –
It rises up from the roots.
based in respect
and protection.

This will never come
from the Billionaires.
So many of em respect nothing,
protect only their own power.
Give up on those sad sacks.

Let the mighty play a game of tokens,
billions amassed and billions deployed.
Let it be an olympic sport.
A different currency will feed the People,
a living current.

A new impulse arises,
below the range of hearing.
Twill Build, Twill Build
to a wave to wash the world.