(Dedicated to numerous
wonderful Art Models
who have worked with me 
in the great work of life drawing.


To Model for Art,
find a pose with a Center.
Keep it moving in a subtle Cycle
and you can hold it longtime.

Be authentic
in Body,
in Self,
in Spirit.

Have a practice.
Trust intuition.
Breathe into it.
Be present.

Presence in a pose
is a deep art.
It touches the roots.
It is vividly conscious.

A Model makes magic
in an Artists practice.
Art must have magic,
or it is nothing.

For the Artist:

Model and Artist
are equal partners,
and the Seed does not Germinate
without the both.
Bow in respect.

Whatever happens,
you learn from it.
Eye on Truth & Beauty.
Move with it.

Praise to the great Models!
Praise to the Earthly!
Praise to the Quick!
Praise to the Open!

I will take up my tool
and I will draw what I see,
what I feel,
what I hear,
what I recognize
in this partner.