Our generation was a greedy lot –
We Fuktitup Bad!

And you the innocent
are Dumpt On.
You inherit the Forever Crisis.
You have a degree and a heavy debt.

Here we are now, kids.
Sorry we destroyed
Such Much
of the natural world.
Whats left is yours!

Iam rich so I dont really care.
Iam well protected
from my own stupidity
by my wealth.

You, tho, are not so rich.
You take what you get.
And you pay me for it.
Thats why Iam rich!

A Dollar beats a Scholar, baby.
Your virtue cant hurt you,
but it aint no worldly power.

But what is a Dollar?
Just something you made up.
I say I have something more valuable.
I have the Ore of Flux.

Never take a Dollar
if you can rather get a bit of the Ore of Flux.
The Ore is a currency
that evaporates when corrupted,
and grows when it feeds people.
That old Dollar dont do that.
Old Dollard as soon rob ya as help ya,
Aint that the troof?

The Ore of Flux
is backed by true value,
a living system,
and a culture of trust.
Not like that old dirty Dollar.

The Ore of Flux
is minted in my mind and body.
You, any One, can mint their own
from their own mind and body.
This is our medium of value.

A Dollar Bank
makes up money out of nothing.
A loan, a bet, a hunch is all it is.
Numbers they write in a magic book –
and Poof: you owe it back to em,
with interest!


And if banks can do it, why not we?
So we mint the Ore of Flux
in our own selves.
Who needs a bank to make up value?

Let us start by playing games
with this fictional Ore,
and figure out how it might work 
on the street or in the country.
There are many many questions
and no time to waste.

Old Dollar
held value when treated as trust.
Nowaday, Ha!
Cheatings rewarded,

and trust evaporates.
Sorry to say,
Old Dollar goin down.