I am an Animal – Come with me!
Let us sniff and shit as companions.
Tend to me,
and I will be your Animal.
We will share warmth
in its fur and fluid and functions.

Be with me
in the real-ass world.
No screens tween us,
we meet snout to snout.
We work it out.

We guard and hunt and garden all the day.
When the dark comes down,
we rest in the breath of our breasts,
nestled down
in the nest of togetherness.

I will be your animal,
short lived but richly livid.
I will lick your face
and smell your feet.
You are mortal like me,
and we are mortal together.

Animals are we all,
pups at the teats of Earth.

Come! I will be your Animal,
I will wear your collar
and you will stroke me and feed me and keep me
safe from harms.

We live in love as one.