In fear, we freeze
or we lash out.
Either response makes things worse –
we can see that.
But they are instincts of the body,
and Reason has no power over them.

An animal about to be eaten
shuts down.

A cornered beast

These responses live
in our very spine.
They have been our way
since we were little fishes.

To free one from ancient instincts,
to learn to be present
and unafraid amid danger:
only practice
over time
can do.

Violence is a
positive feedback loop:
Cycle of Hell!
A chain reaction.
A standing wave.
This horror must end!

To end a feedback loop,
break the cycle.
Go in an unexpected direction.
See? The vortex weakens.

What then when one is truly in danger?
How can one be calm
when a monster looms with a bloody blade?

For this there is but training.
The Master knows violence
only as a practical tool.
She has no meanness nor rage.
She strikes only as needed.
She has practiced with danger,
til it feels like home.

Move it in the Groove,
Lady and Man!
Flipi dipi dipi dahu gaduba dey!
Falipi tipi tipi waha namanume tey!

Over time,
the training gives you bravery.
The power you have
is your vibrancy in the deep groove.
It is your every day mojo.

Your opponent, crazed with rage,
or greed or lust or spite,
or fear,
is in a vulnerable state.
Thus you have a chance
to bust out and run,
or to strike a blow,
or to turn the story.

Thus fear goes down,
way down.

Move it in the Groove
Lady and Man