A gacking mess, this world,

ruled by the cruel,
abuse piled on damage wrapped around contempt.
It makes us sick!

Our body cant take this,
and it willnot!
The flesh rises up!
The blood and guts vomit poison!
The bones and nerves
strike for change!
We demand better!

The neck rejects the yoke!
The ass repulses the grope!
The brain refuses the dope!
The gut regurgitates the bloat!
The body screams NOPE!

Finance enslaves, Industry befouls,
War sows horror and reaps hell,
Media numbs and dumbs.
We are used and discarded!
We need a system that serves us,
and protects the precious
Nature and Beings.
Of course it can be done,
if weave the will to make it be.
Go with the gut.
Center on the spine,
Present in the mind.

Know your fellows.
The book of God is not one book.
It is All The Stories!