Dont value my Art by money.
Money is a poor medium and a false measure.
What does money stand for if not Trust?
But you cant trust money
because the way it works aint fair.

Money balloons when hoarded and leaks away when needed.
It rewards crime and punishes virtue.
Money lets you Betray Trust and Abuse Power
and if you have enough money
you can get away with anything.
This we all know.

So why do we even accept money?
Could we use something else-
favors, barter, mutual benefit deals?
What could possibly serve us worse
than money has served us

What are the Sources of All Value,
if not the Bounty of Earth and the Work of We?
And yet, you can make a fortune
raping Earth and slaving people!
And so the medium of value
destroys the very source of value.
This is a Disease Most Grave.

So give my dollars to the taxman
give em to the five and dime
I dont need your stinkin dollars
I got a mind and a ball of twine