Zone in on Tone:
undertones and overtones.
Let the parts fall where they may.

A Serpent grows Wings.
A head aloft partakes of the clouds,
as the feet get down in the dirt.

The bones are the slowest river.
The flesh, the nerves, the blood
grow to flow, each at its speed.
Life is a convulsion of matter!

A stack of bones,
a bag of skin,
two brains (gut, head) and a heart
are we!

Bereft heart,
abject head,
leaning tower.

Why is it so?
What does it mean?
How does it work?

Focus: Tomorrow.
Seat: Now.
Given: Past.

A person is a bit of this and a bit of that:
fuzzy tendencies overlapping, interacting,
forged and scourged in the kiln of life.

The Light heart harbors a Shadow.
The Dark heart nurtures a Glow.
Thus everything comes and goes.