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Claudia’s Collection

Claudia, the Museworthy blogger, has posted “The Museworthy Art Show”, a collection of artwork by her regular readers and commenters.  One of my large-scale multi-figure drawings is included, a piece that hasn’t yet been seen on Drawing Life.

This is a kind of group show I like.  The artists are diverse in media, style, approach, and level of training.  Simple sketches appear alongside elaborate compositions.  The virtues of spontaneity and simplicity shine, as do the accomplishments of refined craft.  And Claudia has fostered a feeling of community among her far-flung readers, since now we’ve all been in a group show together.  Museworthy tribe, represent!

Click to visit The Museworthy Art Show.


Made Man

Dear readers, I’ll have another post for you here some time this week, but in the meantime check out my “guest post” on Daniel Maidman’s blog.  Daniel’s a figurative painter, of a more classical bent than me, and he’s also a stimulating writer, often considering artistic issues in the light of scientific and philosophical ideas.  I wrote a rather extensive comment on Daniel’s recent post, “The Integrated Visual Field”, going into what I’ve learned about the science of human visual perception as it pertains to observational drawing.  Daniel invited me to expand on that response, and then he combined my comments with those of Stephen Wright, another really interesting figurative artist, and made the whole thing into this guest post.  I hope some of you will appreciate being turned on to Maidman’s blog.




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Escape Into Life, a blog that I recommend highly as a place to discover fresh and interesting artists and writers, has featured my drawings in their Artist Watch section.  They made a nice selection, and I’m honored to be included there!



Check out my Independence Day drawing of Claudia on her blog, Museworthy!


Made the Cover

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American Artist Drawing, Spring 2009 cover

American Artist Drawing, Spring 2009 cover

Yes, that’s my portrait of Anna Marie on the cover of the Spring issue of Drawing magazine, available now at larger newsstands and bookstores and arts and crafts supply stores.  Painter, teacher and writer John A. Parks interviewed me and wrote the article, which occupies ten pages in the magazine and has thirteen illustrations.

Everybody says print media is dying, but I think that’s overblown.  I can tell you that my friends that have seen me in the magazine are far more impressed than they’ve ever been by seeing me or my work online!

The American Artist website put up a gallery of supplementary images that didn’t make the magazine, here.

I have to give props to the great model and blogger Claudia.  She featured my work several times on her very popular blog, Museworthy, thereby bringing it to the attention of American Artist.  Claudia writes about her own experiences as a professional artists’ model in New York City, and tells the story of historical artists and models.  Standard art history tends to ignore the role of models, but Claudia’s account puts the relationships at the center.

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