Creating a Masterpiece: Frank Moore

One of my mentors, the California-based writer and performance artist Frank Moore, died last October at the age of 67. Frank was born with cerebral palsy and was unable to walk or talk, but he was determined to break out of his own isolation. Once he had done that, he kept on going in that … Continue reading

Ohno: Oh Yes

Kazuo Ohno, a seminal figure in the butoh dance movement and one of the great creative spirits of our time, passed away June 1, 2010, at the age of 103.I saw Ohno perform in 1996 at the Japan Society in New York.  In an essay posted on my first website, I wrote, " I will never forget … Continue reading

Hair as Art: Edisa Weeks

As a child, dance artist Edisa Weeks attended Quaker meetings with her family. These meetings involved group meditation and sharing, conducted without leaders or hierarchy. As an adult artist, she found herself in a field defined by elitism and a rigid division of roles. The artists were … Continue reading

Pina’s Hands

Pina Bausch, a choreographer who reconceived theatrical dance as a physical laboratory of passions, has passed from us unexpectedly at the age of 68, with her career still at full steam.  I don't have my own images or video of her, but offer this YouTube excerpt from Coffee with Pina, a film by … Continue reading

Moonwalk & Sequined Glove

I'm working on a big drawing post but it's not ready yet, so perhaps I should join the throng and post my tribute to Michael Jackson, my generation's incandescent performer and tragic lonely man.  Ever since New York City put up these new LED pedestrian signals, I've been reminded of Michael's … Continue reading