DRAWING LIFE by fred hatt


The Body Contemplated

Ray, 2012, by Fred Hatt

a person is a bit of this and a bit of that

fuzzy tendencies overlapping, interacting

forged and scourged in the kiln of embodied life


Earrings, 2012, by Fred Hatt

eyes ions, black magnetic pools


A la plage, 2012, by Fred Hatt

zone in on tones

undertone, overtone, midtone

let the parts fall where they may


Elbows & Knees, 2012, by Fred Hatt

body takes a beating just doing the day by day


Brooder, 2012, by Fred Hatt

why are things so

what do things mean

how do things work


Curvature, 2012, by Fred Hatt

a serpent grows limbs

a head aloft partakes of the clouds of heaven

as well as the dirt of the ground


Sleep Tight, 2012, by Fred Hatt

a stack of bones

opal tones


Halt, 2011, by Fred Hatt

expand, contract

concentrate, dissipate


Defeat, 2012, by Fred Hatt

hands ground down while forces face forward


Muscles of the Back, 2012, by Fred Hatt

the bones are the slowest river

the flesh, the nerves, the blood grow to flow, each in its way

life is a convulsion of matter


Gray, 2012, by Fred Hatt

eyes tomorrow

seated present


Outward & Inward, 2012, by Fred Hatt

sentry and slave

guard the grave


Defiant, 2012, by Fred Hatt

the body of light harbors a shade

the body of shadow contains a glow


Graces, 2011, by Fred Hatt

Luna Triune: wax and full and wane and new

the new of course unseen

every cycle has its way, its period, its mystery

each single season’s unique, any noise has its timbre

all is oscillation, orbs in orbit

go down long, draw in and in, only finally open out


Degasian, 2012, by Fred Hatt

bow, bend, lay low

tack and parry, stealthy slow

like grass grows


Retrospect, 2011, by Fred Hatt

space is light

matter is force

time is mind


Rorrim, 2012, by Fred Hatt

feeling with eyes, rove over ridges and marshes and creeks

body is topography and self is weather

sometimes stormy, often calm


Fine Lines, 2012, by Fred Hatt

I am made of moss and ferns

mushrooms and minnows and dim glow worms


Faun, 2012, by Fred Hatt

man is land

containing imagination

soil to till

seed to spill


Heartache, 2012, by Fred Hatt

bereft chest

abject head

trunk bent

tower leant


Brothers, 2012, by Fred Hatt

a man knows a man, nothing said


All the images in this post are watercolor on paper, sometimes with a little white gouache.  I painted all these within the last two months.  Sizes:

Graces and Rorrim:  38″ x 50″ (96.5 x 127 cm).

Ray, Earrings, Elbows & Knees, Sleep Tight, Gray, Defiant, Retrospect, Fine Lines, Faun, Heartache, Brothers:  19″ x 24″ (48.3 x 61 cm).

A la plage, Brooder, Curvature, Halt, Defiant, Muscles of the Back, Outward & Inward, Degasian: 14″ x 17″ (35.6 x 43.2 cm).

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