Everybody knows the world is in crisis.

We think of diseases as something individuals get.
But societies and communities get them too.

I used to hear the term Mass Psychosis –
Like the madness of crowds,
populist rebellions,
tulip mania,
the dancing plague.

Our economy is bipolar,
manic & depressive.

Conspiracy cults:
paranoid schizophrenia en masse.

Human consumption ever growing:
a cancer on the biosphere.

Hierarchy, Oligarchy, Ideology, Capital:
profound and harmful imbalances
in the body of the People,
and in the current of history.

Yet the world is often in crisis
and the Spirit has come thru thus far.
Trust the living Earth.
Trust a higher power.

Where is our great human Imagination?
You have to imagine a better world
before a seed can sprout,
and healing come.
Conception precedes Inception.

You, yes You your Self
need to imagine
a better world.

Now talk amongst yourselves.
Look, listen, and learn.