T7V: A Temple of Seven Veils, #2: Sex Membrane

The pelvic floor is a taut crisscross of muscles stretched between the sacrum, the pubic bone, and the two sitzbones. It forms the basin to collect bodily effluvia, with sphincters to control its emissions.

Here is the dam of shit and piss, and the sprung floor of the core. The pelvic floor muscles are the bottom of a vessel whose walls are the abdominal sheath. From this center our bodies move in the world.

Between the root of shit and the shoot of piss grows the fruit of sex, and around it all is a fragrant garden and a fertile river delta.

The perineal membrane is the epicenter of orgasm, and the portal through which new life enters the world. This is the gate of filling and emptying, of engorgement and release, of ripening and emergence.

Most of what happens in the pelvic basin is private, not to be shared. A cloak of secrecy hides these bodily functions.

A child of a certain age has sexual feelings. Many have sexual experiences which may range from innocence to exploitation. Most of this happens in the shadows. A cloak of taboo conceals a secret life, sometimes even a dissociated self, which may hide therein for a lifetime.

A young person’s first arousal may come at the bare feet and legs of a towering woman, or when being spanked, or when riding a horse. Even as a person’s sexuality matures, these earliest experiences retain electrifying power as fetishes, and live on as spirits in the shadows of Eros.

The dark space behind the sexual veil can be a chamber of horrors, but it might also be a magical land, where the soul rides a spirit steed on a road of flesh and bone. It may be an enchanted playground, where trusting lovers discover a primal dance that they cultivate out of the sight of the world.