Feel your Feet upon the Ground:
Toes, Ball, Arch, Heel.
Feel Roots reaching deep to Earth.
Balance Knees atop Feet,
and Pelvis over Legs,
Anus knowing Earthly Root.

Let Pelvis sway til balance found.
Let Belly settle over Pelvic bowl,
Gut feeling, Gut acting.
Next balance Chest,
Heart Pump, Lung Bellows,
Breast to nurture, Arms to hug.

Next balance Throat, Mouth,
Voice, Essence and Aliment.
A Kiss, a Taste, a Song, a Smell.
Over that, Brain, Eyes and Ears,
the Helm, the Headquarters
of panoramic Consciousness.

The Capstone of this tiered Edifice
is Crown, Dome, Vault, Cupola.
Upon this Sphere the Constellations
pirouette in stately Gyre,
whilst the Wind, the Rain, the Clouds
bring their Tumult to the Field.