I want us to start conceiving the world
from the bottom up,
lessso from the top down.
Enough of Bankers and Warlords.
Gotta build from the roots of grass, baby.
Purtnear everything needs a rebuild from the ground up,
as of now.

So read the below, starting at the bottom 
and going up, line by line, to the top.
Dont slack off while Evil works hard!
on what we could weave in the World –
We are called to Work
It always ends with fundamental changes
Some rise to it, and some fall to it –
A Deadly Crisis comes to each Generation –
Earth has always the Last Word
Always some fade as others get born –
Values evolve, consequences play out –
In such a duration, near every thing turns over
Startin on a third, hope it be –
Been around thru two Saturn Cycles yet –
born long time