We scan the skies
but fail to find
our hi-tech alien peers.
Why? Surely

The Universe would keep trying
this Intelligent Life thing,
 a step on a path to Godhood.
Universe is Gods Larval Form.

And yet, perhaps, it fails,
on planet after planet,
a long long line of glorious ruins.
The skys devoid of voices.

It needs something else.
Intelligence is not enough
when its all divvied up in competing Ones.
The Ones drown out the Whole.

The sense of the Whole
must guide the Many
across a wasted land to an uncertain hope.
Flourish or Perish.

Not so long ago
only sage or saint
need touch the hem of eternity.
Cave of Holy Hermit.

Now, enlightenment
is no luxury,
but the only hope of stepping up.
Flourish or Perish.

It is a lot to ask.
We are all just Animals,
going on Instinct, day by day by day.
Find Earths Instinct Within.