I recall a time
when many were asking
How do we End War?
No one says that any more.
Why is that?

Back then there was a draft
that could snare any young man
into risking life for empire.
Nowaday only the poor or naive
risk life and limb and soul –
“all volunteer”.

Back then there was a doomsday bomb.
Nowaday thats still with us
but weve learned to ignore it,

Back then a War was a fight to the finish,
clear victory at bloody price.
Nowaday Wars just another industry
sucking public funds into private pockets –
a well that gushes dollars!

Who dares say
War makes us all poor?
The old legends tout the riches of war,
but I aint seen um hereabouts.
I do see the poor, tho,
and the traumatized,

But look –
up on the Hill –
the Lords of War
are up in the booth
and the puppets
are at it again!