Dealing with people is an act
any way you play it,
whether you stick to tradition
or go out on a limb.
You need a few masks and costumes.

These days,
if you dont treat women like equal people,
gonna have trubble gittin down,

Sexual selection is shifting
to prefer a more open man
and a more powerful woman.

How mutable is Human Nature?
How plastic, how adaptive?
All around us observe:
A cacophonous Symphony of Fools!

The world is full of own goalers,
nest foulers,
stupid criminals.
Sorry it is.

Not everybodys cut out to be a scholar.
Gotta have college to make money?
Thats a shitty society.
Sorry it is.

You live under bad kings,
but you get to work surviving.
Its always been hard,
tellya the truth.

Ah, no use mitchin and bonin!
put down the phones,
put on those masks and costumes.
Lets put on a play!