To step out is to dare.
We needs must dare.

Not always easy,
some times cruel,
this Life,
but shit!
Gotta keep being!
Just To Be is the greatest high!

You get a shot,
and one day it stops.
You hafta deal with it.
Now is the time.

Everybody dies,
the mites and the mighty,
sooner or later.

After we die do we come back?
Some how, Life keeps coming back,
being born and dying
over and over,

Some how, what life learns stays learnt.
Living things contain the wisdom of eons.
We know it in our bones.
Some thing is learning and growing,
and not dying.
That some thing is the bigger thing
whereof we are parts.

So may be we do come back from death,
but maybe in random bodies
and random circumstances.
You mighta struck luck this time,
but maybe next time yaint be so lucky.
Better try to be kind
and look to the wellness of all,
lest your own meanness
fall on your next self.

Cause we are the All
and where one is at
is but the drop of a hat.