Hardly anyone cares if you make Art.
Supply way outstrips demand.
People do Art for no money, for love.
Artists that want to be professional
have trouble competing with the amateur.
They think this is a weakness.
“No” they insist,
“I do not give away my work!”

But the fact that people do Art for Love
more than ever for Money
is its superpower.

There is a Magic that can happen
when Big Bucks are not in play.
That mojo flees when money is mentioned.
Gone the Heart of the Art!

In the absence of transaction
arises free play.
Play is fairly safe.
Try things freely.
Win some, Lose some,
get a little better over time.

Play with Conceptual Models.
Play with Mother Earth and her Myriad Beings.
Explore Intimacy.
Explore Social Engagement.

In play there is no victor, no victim.
No zerosum winners and losers.
To play is to try and mainly fail and keep trying.
To play grows new ways and skills
the way a tree leafs and flowers.

In play you discover new ways.
In play you hone mastery.
In dreams you consolidate memory.
In sleep and death you let all go.

Thus you grow new ways
at every age of life.
Thus you reimagine.
Thus you Regrow from the Root.