Artists who flog their own backs
Artists who pass peas through a straw
Artists who merely dampen the page, then let it dry
Artists who paint their own guts, by a surgical procedure
Artists who rent rooms and live in them
Artists who speak to trees, flowers, & birds
Artists who swallow horror
Artists who hone in
Artists who bask in the glory of desire
Artists who bathe in the suction-cup of the lamb
Artists who type on tires, ties, & tiles
Artists who regurgitate bile
Artists who engrave their teeth
Artists who mutilate their features
Artists who get their hair done
Artists who pet dogs
Artists who do not enjoy anything
Artists who absolutely love everything!
Artists who speak in tongues
Artists who draw in sparks
Artists who kill people
Artists who die of AIDS or the bubonic plague
Artists who rotate on a spit
Artists who will surely go to Hell
Artists who carry peace in their hearts
Artists who quell fear in their breasts
Artists who engage in brilliant rhetoric
Artists who speak their mind
Artists who play baseball
Artists who can do the hula hoop
Artists who paint as a catharsis
Artists who sculpt as relaxation
Artists who exist almost by error
Artists with a hidden double
Artists in tones of gray
Artists on fields of ice
Artists holding hands and laughing
Artists working fields in Southeast Asia
Artists dancing naked in the streets
Artists holding wood over their heads
Artists in the DNA lab
Artists in the bondage of tyranny
Artists on every front page
Artists indulging in zest & vim
Artists quietly going about their business
Artists hanging around in the bed all day
Artists opening packages and laughing
Artists putting dirt on clean clothes
Artists spitting on their own work
Artists jacking off as a matter of principle
Artists cracking eggs to get off on the goo
Artists whiffing the aroma of desire
Artists frantically pulling off clothing
Artists crashing in the noonday sun
Artists making impassioned pleas
Artists looking like mad dogs
Golden buddhas and chic svelte types
And the ever-present caveman

written 1987